Oh, Olaf. Sweet bby.

Oh, Olaf. Sweet bby.

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What happened to fate-destiny-dragons??? D:


I changed my personal, dear! It is now chinsupsmiles-on. Thank you for reminding me, I’ll change that in just a clock tick.

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I see you gave a shoutout to an Independent Elsa account? Can I get one as well please? Haha, I'm new. :-)

Of course you can, hun!


(And I’m telling myself to do a thread with them with my Anna but I am the laziest person EVER.)

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From DVDizzy: Frozen merchandise to be released later this year!

  • Anna and Elsa dresses
  • Pink Tiara (assuming for Anna)
  • Blue frost necklace (Elsa)
  • Ice scepter (Elsa)
  • Elsa wig
  • Anna and Elsa toddler doll (similar to Animators dolls, current packaging does not say “animator’s” on it, though)
  • Anna baby doll
  • Playset with Anna, Elsa, Hans, the other gentleman described above, the snowman, and a moose
  • Playset with Anna and an icy carriage

Thank you to Patrick on that forum for the list!

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New Character: Hans (Is he the prince for Elsa?)


According to Disney wikia, “Prince Hans is a classy, formal young man. Just as warm, optimistic Anna and cold, fearful Elsa are opposites in every way possible, small, classy Hans is the utter reverse of bulky, grumpy Kristoff.” P.S. He is a red head.

Do you like that this movie has two princesses and two princes? Discuss.


Hans is a real character, yes, but I wouldn’t trust that wikia as it’s been proven several times to have fake information. We have no information on him. But if this is true, YAY! He seems like a great character in comparison to Kristoff (who is my grumpy teddy bear bby.)

To be quite honest, I think it’s fantastic that Disney is making Elsa a princess as well. This will show both girls and boys that even if you are a bad person, you can change. I think it’s a great chance for them to get back some of the bad rap they’ve gotten about having perfect characters.

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PREDICTED: Frozen preview, information will come NO LATER than June and the D23 Expo 2013.

This was predicted/confirmed by user Disney Analysis on this forum. It is not clear whether they are stating a fact or merely predicting, so I am not going to say what may not be true.

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The score names that were released have been confirmed to be fake.

As confirmed by here. So sorry for the confusion, it’s just really hard at this point to tell what’s fake and what’s not since we have so little information on the movie. I will be deleting that post right now!

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The cold hearted and the cursed by *SeharJH


The cold hearted and the cursed by *SeharJH

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Frozen- Elsa by ~Cor104


Frozen- Elsa by ~Cor104

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